Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picasso Portraits

Students at Chets Creek this week learned a little bit about Pablo Picasso. Students were to create a portrait in the style of Picasso. For this lesson we learned about:

  • Art History

  • Line

  • Outline

  • Background

  • Abstract

  • Portrait

  • Visual Texture

Here is a video montage of our work on Picasso! Great job Chets Creek!


  1. These art projects are so awsome!!! I hope Mrs.Miron gives us more challiging art work next year!!!

  2. Mrs.Miron is the best art teacher ever and is so sweet and FUNNY!!!! And very speacial to us!!!!!! And i'm glad the princapal picked her!!!!! From:Billy Hines To:Mrs.Miron .p.s. Can't wait till next year!!!!!!