Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mexican Yarn Landscapes

4th graders are working on their Mexican Yarn Landscapes. Our vocabulary words for this project are:

  • Perspective

  • Depth

  • Outline

  • Landscape

  • Visual Texture

  • Visual Movement

  • Line

We are also learning that there are six trick to create depth in our artwork:

  1. Overlapping

  2. Size

  3. Placement

  4. Detail

  5. Color

  6. Lines

First, students are to paint a landscape that they might find in Mexico. (We looked at pictures.) After it is dry, we then apply yarn with Elmer's glue around the shapes in our artwork. We fill our entire work of art with line. Students are to create visual movement in areas with large negative space. The results of these are amazing! Student made theirs better than mine!


  1. I like doing yarn landscapes. Mrs .Miron is a awsome art taecher. shes nice and sweet. I hope she stays in our school for ever. She picks awsome projects for everone in the school.TO:Mrs.Miron FROM: Breanna P.S. Cant wait until 5th grade! LOVE,BREANNA

  2. Mrs.Miron is funny and great with kids of all ages. She is the best art teacher in the world. Im glad the principal picked her.LOVE,BREANNA

  3. miss miron has been a great and helpful teacher ... it has been fun working on the projects <++>