Friday, August 14, 2009

Supplies don't come easy...

Today was the Teacher Supply Depot Giveaway day. The Depot is a warehouse full of reusable materials donated by companies and community members. The materials are free for Duval County Public School Teachers.

I woke this morning at 6am to fight for supplies for my students. I got in line with 5oo other teachers. I was number 273. Not too bad...considering there was 500 people and more were coming while I was waiting in line. They initially let about a hundred people in. As people left, more were let in; about twenty at a time. When I finally got in I immediately ran to the arts and crafts room. I snagged cds, wire, egg carton, plates, puzzles, magazines, paints, and other containers. My second room that I ran to was the paper room. Here, I grabbed TONS of white and cream paper. My school definitely needs some paper so I knew here was my chance to grab some. My third and final room was the matte room. I grabbed lots of pre-cut mats which I can then frame my students work.

After I stuffed three huge bags, which weighed about forty pounds each, you then are supposed to stand in line to put your items in the loading dock. Not me. I carried my bags to my car, melting away in the heat. It was tough, but ultimately it was not waiting in line for another hour.

Now I have think what to create with all these wonderful finds...

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